About Us

Welcome to BSO-FINTAX! We’re your go-to team for vital accountant services in the UK and beyond. Our certified professionals offer top-quality financial services, including tailored solutions for accounting, business support, tax, and compliance. Beyond crunching numbers, we’re your strategic partners in navigating the intricacies of today’s financial world. BSO-FINTAX simplifies finance to empower your success. Let’s embark on a journey of financial success together.

Our Specialisations

Cross-Border Transactions Planning


BSO-FINTAX offers expert assistance in Import/Export ventures, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with international trade regulations. With our guidance, businesses can navigate customs procedures, tariff classifications, and documentation requirements seamlessly.


We specialize in supporting construction businesses with financial operations and regulatory compliance. Our expertise includes project capital raising, management, and customized financial tools tailored to construction projects.


Our expert team optimizes tax planning and wealth preservation through personalized HMRC solutions. BSO-FINTAX assures HNWIs of asset safeguarding and tax efficiency for enduring financial peace and prosperity.


BSO-FINTAX collaborates with media professionals to offer specialized financial guidance tailored for their unique needs. Through strategic partnerships, we provide expert insights on tax planning, financial management, and compliance.


BSO-FINTAX delivers bespoke accounting and compliance solutions for IT businesses. Our expert team ensures seamless financial management and regulatory compliance tailored to the unique needs of the computing sector.


Whether you're a real estate investor, developer, or property management company, trust BSO-FINTAX to streamline your accounting processes and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, allowing you to focus on growing your property portfolio with confidence.


Our experienced team offers tailored support for travel businesses, covering financial management, tax compliance, and industry regulations. BSO assists travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality providers with bookkeeping and compliance simplification.


BSO-FINTAX offers bespoke accounting and compliance solutions for charities. Our team understands the sector's unique financial challenges, providing comprehensive support in financial management, tax compliance, and regulations whilst ensuring transparency.

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